Brand Design.

Integrating visual and verbal development to unify your brand.

There are two sides to brand development: the visual and the verbal. The look and the language. Each part equal. Each part an essential half that must be carefully developed to create a cohesive whole. We offer you a unique approach, carefully shining a light on both the visual and verbal aspects to create a powerful, unified brand.
Achieving unity.

Unity. By design.

All too often, brand development focuses on the visual elements only – the logo, colour pallet, font selection, etc. – neglecting the verbal aspects – the brand language, tone of voice and messaging

Brand guidelines often gloss over the messaging and tone of a brand or exclude them entirely. One cannot exist effectively without the other. So we must give each aspect, equal attention…

Modern brands. Deeply considered. 
Clearly defined. Elegantly presented.

We take a unified approach to brand development. We integrate both visual and verbal development to create modern brands that are deeply considered, clearly defined, and elegantly presented in beautiful brand books to ensure consistency across all media.

Our three-step process:

I - Tone of voice development

We take a long-term approach to your brand by defining every aspect of the business. Clearly. Distinctively. With originality. We find the words, crafting the phrasing and messages that define your brand story and personality. We’ll clarify who your audience is. What you can do for them. And why they should choose you. We develop a full tone of voice  document, laying the foundation for your future marketing activity, outlining your brand language and key messages in a way you can repurpose for future content.

II - Brand design

Working from the foundation established in step one, we use your brand personality and tone to inform the the visual aspects of the brand. We create the brand look, logo, marques, font selection, colour pallets, etc. – marrying the visual elements to the central concept outlined in your brand messaging and personality.

III – Brand book

We create a bank of resources for your organisation, taking a considered approach towards marketing communication that permeates through services, products and the wider customer experience. We call them brand books.

Brand books provide a single point of reference for employees and contractors to quickly get up to speed with your messaging and image. It will ensure that all designs and content are consistent and offer a pool of all creative assets for employees and contractors to download.

The brand book can be delivered in print form or - much more usefully - as an online site, which allows for links to download any assets. 

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