Video Content – How To Get It Right

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Give these a go and see if they make a difference.
Talk to your copywriters about what sort of content is the most engaging at the moment and they’ll all say the same thing. Video. If you want to speak more directly to consumers, build up a loyal customer base and attract new followers, video is the way to go right now.   But what platforms should you target with your new video content once it’s been created? Facebook and Instagram are the obvious choices, the latter in particular if you’re trying to target Millennials as this is fast becoming the platform of choice for younger people.   Promoting on Facebook using native video is an increasingly attractive way of increasing brand awareness. Buzzfeed, for example, gets billions of views on its video content each month – so have a look to see what they’re doing. Try to create video content that has universal appeal to boost the number of hits you get.   Or come up with something funny and diverting to capture people’s imaginations. If it’s closely related to your business offerings, the more the better. Check out this video from The Washington Post that’s had more than 1.2 million views – and all it shows is red pandas having fun in the snow.   On Instagram, the power of the video is only now just being seen. Millions of videos are posted on the site daily – and what’s better is that they tend to be short and concise, so you can make lots of them without much hassle at all.   Get in touch with us here at Rule of Three to see how we can make your video content more engaging.
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