Creative Thinking.

Ideas change everything.

We provide creative and conceptual thinking to generate great ideas. To create outstanding concepts that define your campaign. Ideas that reframe the way your brand is perceived. Ideas that resonate. Ideas that redefine the way people think. Ideas that change everything….
Ideas are everything.

"Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity." 

So said Ray Bradbury. And he’s quite right. Of course, that makes ‘thinking creatively’ something of a paradox. Yet, it’s an essential part of generating big ideas. The ones that can change everything for your brand. 

So how do we do it? How do we conjure up powerful ideas? How does inspiration strike?

Well, here’s our secret: we do it by thinking. And then not thinking at all.

When inspiration strikes.

Creativity is intelligence. Intelligence is creativity.

When you think about it, ‘thinking’ up an idea is virtually impossible. You can’t consciously force an unconscious process. Creativity – ideas – take shape in the unconscious mind. They reveal themselves to the conscious mind only when ready. That is why we have to prepare the right conditions for idea generation.

The unconscious mind feeds on intelligence. So we must give the conscious mind the material upon which it needs to meditate. We feed the mind. Fill it with intelligence. We revel in the details. Big and small. 

We ask questions…

How do you make the acceleration so silent?
How do you achieve such a smooth sweeping motion on the second hand?
How long do you age the whisky in barrels?
What type of oak do you use and why?  
Why? Why? Why?

Then we ask more questions...

Who is your audience?
What are their hopes and fears?
What motivates your audience?
What triggers will move them to action?
What are you doing that no one else in your field does?
What is your process?
Why do you think someone would care?

We research and we learn, until there is nothing else to read. Then we let the mind absorb by switching off. We take in the air. Walk in the country. Luxuriate in a warm bath. Ease the cork out of a bottle of Chateau Margaux. Let it breath. Put on a little Miles. Pour a glass. And wait. For shortly, the doors to the unconscious will open. And from behind them, ideas will flow.

We then capture them. All of them. And refine. And perfect. Until they are ready to transform your brand.

Want to find out more?

We’ve written a guide on creative thinking – a useful insight into approaching idea generation like a copywriter.

You can read it here: Think Like a Copywriter: 10 Copywriting Tips for Creative Thinking.

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