The power of ‘new’ & how to harness it

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What’s new? If you can create the sensation of modernity, and freshness, your copy can become electrifying.

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What’s new? If you can create the sensation of modernity, and freshness, your copy can become electrifying.

Something completely different

    Whether you are describing a product, or telling a story, there is a particular feeling that can be evoked – but it isn’t easily achieved. That is the feeling that what is happening now is different than everything that came before. Yesterday was yesterday, but this is something different, this is something new.   That sense of innovation can breathe new life into your copywriting, and add a feeling of vitality and vividness.  

The Current Moment


  What is exciting about something new? It is a blank canvas; it’s unknown to us. It’s full of potential. In an age of information and data, to not know something is incredibly exciting.   It is the smell of a new car, or the feeling of stepping off a plane in another country for the first time. It is the idea of a new frontier, a new world. It’s the relief that comes from finally embracing change, and going with the flow. By exploring these ideas in copywriting, we can capture peoples’ imaginations, and start a new conversation.


Everything is new


  The truth is that we’re all changing, from one moment to the next. Sometimes we change in ways too subtle to see, and other times those changes are loud and clear. Everything changes and evolves, but this is often forgotten.


We tend to think of the world as fairly fixed, when it’s actually in a state of constant transition. Certain old ideas take on new labels, while others die out altogether. Everything is becoming new again, all of the time, and we only need to shine a light on this situation. There are new possibilities, which spring up all the time. We simply learn how to ignore them. By opening our perspectives, we can draw attention to new possibilities.   A new idea is often an exciting prospect, but it has to be explained in a way that captures that excitement. Our readers have to know what makes it different.   To talk to copywriters who have a passion for new ideas, call us today.   020 7118 0333   By Sean Jordan   Copywriter at Rule of Three       © Photo by Geof Wilson.
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