Three straplines with three words you'll never forget

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The simple and succinct flavour of these taglines is something we can all aspire to in our work.

    A great strapline sounds like it has always been around and always will. All copywriters will wish they had written it first.   By studying the best ones you may get the chance to write the next one we all remember.   Here are three famous straplines and why they work:     1.    Nike – Just Do It     The ‘Just Do It’ campaign was superb for its obvious simplicity, but it also worked on a more profound level. Many of us worry about things we can’t do, or think we can’t do, or are afraid to do. Nike sums up the answer to this problem in just three words. Don’t think: do. That is the solution.   It’s about confidence. It says that we can all do what we want to do if we only believe in ourselves. It makes us associate Nike with an amazing idea; the idea that we can just do it.     2. Tesco – Every Little Helps     William Bernbach said that the most powerful element in advertising is the truth. Every little does help. Times are (always) tough. We have to choose where to buy our groceries and save our money.   This strapline sparks our desire to save money – to get more money. This same desire gets sparked every time you see the logo. The idea you’re left with? Shopping here will effectively make you money.     3.    Adidas – Impossible is Nothing     If Just Do It speaks to our self-doubt then Adidas’ could speak to the doubts we receive from others. If history’s innovators had listened when they were told their dreams were impossible, the world would be a very different place. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to read this because there would be no computers. Any of us who have ambitions know what it’s like to be told that what we’re trying to achieve is impossible. It can be debilitating.   Then again, impossible means nothing. To hear this lets us off the hook. It’s encouraging and inspiring. The tag line creates an association between Adidas and optimism. Want to train but it feels impossible? Come with us, it’s so much easier than it looks. It hits home because, in our hearts, we want it to be true.     Another thing all the straplines above have in common is that they all use the rule of three (find out more at: The third and final word in each one has an emotional impact. It is the completion of an idea. It tells you little at the same time as telling you everything.   The simple and succinct flavour of these straplines is something we can all aspire to in our work.   They’re always worth referring to, but then again, we’ll probably never forget them.   To ensure that the copy in your marketing makes full use of the English language, you'll need copywriters who understand this. You can call us on...   020 7118 0333   By Sean Jordan   Copywriter at Rule of Three    
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