Tone of Voice.

Your brand. As expressed through the use of language.

Two elements define your brand identity. The visual and the verbal. When both work in harmony, magic happens. Brand communications develop an authenticity. A fully realised sense of self. A personality that can be defined clearly and communicated consistently. An individuality that sets you apart from the competition. And that your audiences can instantly recognise and connect with.
Tone of voice development.

An essential element of any set of brand guidelines is the tone of voice. Also known as verbal identity. Brand language. And of course, the ‘TOV’ doc. 

We believe your tone of voice requires the same degree of thought and care as your visual identity. For any successful brand, the balance between visual and verbal must be 50-50. 

So just as your style guide establishes how your brand’s unique personality is expressed through the visual elements, the tone of voice defines how the brand personality is expressed through language.

Nothing resonates like the voice of clarity.

We’ll help you take a long-term approach to your brand, defining every aspect of the business. Clearly. Distinctively. With originality. We find the words. We craft the phrasing and messaging. We define your brand story and personality. We clarify who your audience is. What you can do for them. And why they should choose you.

Essentially, we will help you to lay the foundation for your future marketing activity, outlining your brand language and key messages in a way you can repurpose for future content.

Keep it consistent.

An inconsistent tone, is rather like brand schizophrenia. It sends a signal to the reader that all is not quite right. It creates unease. Of course, everyone writes differently. With so many people writing for your business, it can be difficult to keep your tone of voice 'on brand'. 

However, when it comes to your written communications, your audience should hear only one voice. Yours.

We can create tone of voice guidelines that provide vital guidance for anyone writing for your brand. So you can ensure your tone of voice is always unified, consistent, engaging and accurate.

Talk to us.

Pick up the phone and talk to us about your brand. We’ll discuss how we can create a tone of voice that has the resonant command of a Richard Burton. Rather than the ineffectual whine of a Frank Spencer.

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